Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holy Communion Service di Kpg. Sungai Enkabang B

Pendaie orang Ng. Metong Skrang

Pendaie tauka Pengkalan rumah panjai Ng. Metong, Skrang. rumah panjai sida Francis Linggie.

2 Birthday Boys

Birthday Boys - Lipih & Yugeka about to blow their candles. Nyau liat manok, ka pansoh manah!

Pastor Kenneth

Pastor Kenneth preaching at St. Simon's Sebuyau.

Albert & Janet Zehr

A Canadian couple (missionaries) I met over a dinner hosted by Iban Methodist Kuching at Ecumenical Centre.

Grace & Glenn

Glenn is showing Grace something he found. Glenn had some rashes in his feet, so we thought of taking him to the beach to have a dip in the salty water hoping it can be cured. To our amazement, it worked!

Mildred, my wife, has something to smile about.

Gayle & Glad

Picture of Gayle and Glad in Siar Beach, enjoying something they found.

Mission trip to kpg. Ensebai Pelaie

I was at Kpg. Ensebang Pelaie a couple of weeks ago. People came with their paddy seedlings, knife, and other stuffs used in planting paddy. Lots of people waiting for us. We didn't expect it. We thought it was just a small gathering, at least that was communicated to me. I didn't even know that I had to share God's word, which I did, and it was good, people responded well. I found out later that these people were from Lubok Antu area, now settling in the kampong. They asked me to come back.

Rombongan dari Ng. Telinting

Rombongan from Ng. Telinting in the persons of TR. Anding, Chabi, Tukang, Benson, Anja were treated to a dinner by Augustine Tinggie at Batu Lintang.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mission Amongst the Iban People

I have been asked by some Korean missionaries to share on Mission & Evangelism amongst the Iban. Being an Iban myself would be an advantage. I am going share my experiences going on mission trips to Lemanak; the challenges and problems we encountered and stuffs.

Mission trip ke Kpg. Merakai

Mission Trip to Kpg. Entanggor, Simunjan

Some 80 of us from St. Helen went on a mission to share the Gospel to Kpg. Entanggor, Simunjan. To get there, we had to walk for 3 hours or by boat for 4 hours. Because my wife and kids were coming on this trip, I had to be with them in the boat. Picture taken on the morning after Holy Communion service before we left. We had great time.

Sanctuary of St. Helen's Church, Serian

This is sanctuary of St Helen's church. Do you notice something? Of course you do, the diocesan crest is upside down!

Leading By Example

Lord, let me lead by example, that others may follow me out of respect and not out of fear.
I like this prayer, it's beautiful.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stations of the Cross at St. Helen's Church, Serian

Me & Datuk Chua Jui Ming

Datuk Chua came to Kuching addressing us over an afternoon tea, so I took a picture with him. Nice man.

We Are Good Friends

Me and Timbol (known as Timothy at church), taken during Gawai St. Helen


Last Sunday 20th June, I spoke on Worship. Our theme for this year is "We have come to worship Him." We never think of ourselves as idol worshipers. We would never dream of bowing down before an idol or mortal. But let me ask, "Who is on the throne of our hearts?"

An idol is anything that takes the place of God. It can be t.v. money, facebook etc...


A couple of months ago, I preached at church on the topic of 'Brokenness'. I used the example of Jacob who was in the right place (alone with God) where God can use him. From the struggle he had with Jesus (I sincerely believe it was Jesus he wrestled with), he was broken and injured. For the rest of his life he had to use support; he had to rely and depend on God.

God, I said on that morning service, cannot use unbroken people. Psalm 51:17 says 'The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a contrite heart. There is a song written on this verse.

Indeed, spiritual wholeness begins with a broken heart.

God Loves Us

Sometimes I wonder whether God really loves us. And if He really does, why are all these things happening to me and to him or her? Doesn't God care?!

Romans 8:35 (this is one of my favourite passages) says "who shall separate us from the love of Christ?" The Bible is very firm, it is asking and challenging people to look for who can (can anybody finds who can separate?)

There is no greater joy than to know that God loves us. Amen and amen.

Talking About Jesus to People

Do you have difficulty talking about Jesus to people? Do you feel shy and unable to find the right words to say to people? Are you scared of offending people when talking about Jesus? As human being we all have the same feeling, some more others less. But we can always try and do our best. I am sure Jesus is glad. But one thing sure: The more you think about Jesus, the more you will talk about Him! Do you agree?


These days I have a bit of interest in politics. Some of my friends are actively involved in politics. I enjoy talking about politics from time to time. People complain about people saying they are not doing enough. This party talk bad about that party. No end to it!

In a day when government is often severely criticized, let us remember that "there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God" Rom 13:1

My prayer is: Lord grant wisdom & strength to our politicians. Let pray for all of them because those in power need the power of prayer.


Do you doubt? I do. Sometimes I doubt God, peoples and things. I cannot help it! Then I read Psalm 77:11 which says, "I will remember the works of the Lord." I think the best thing to do when we doubt is to remember that the Lord is good. Remembering God's goodness is a good cure for doubt. I believe so.

Rejoice Always

Rejoice, no matter what! Joy comes from the LORD who lives within us, not from what is happening around us. This daughter of mine (Glad Charisma Tinda) is always joyful.


Welcome to my new blog.