Friday, April 15, 2011

I am Going to Vote

Dear Friends,
This time I am going to vote in the hope that there are going to be changes in the political realm for Sarawak. This is the time to be doing something. We are sick and tired of status quo, not having the power to make changes. I am going to vote in Lemanak. Both Nicholas Bawin and Malcom Musen are my good friends. Personality wise, they are both good and reliable. I have my personal preference of course.
Tanam bubu ridan, bulih ikan masin
Ambi duit Barisan, unid Nicholas Bawin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Election 2011

This morning I was driving along Kuching-Serian road. Upon reaching Siburan, I saw a huge crowd with many colours. It turned out to be BN, SNAP & PKR supporters, rallying behind their candidates for the election. They were given free T-shirts and caps. I was thinking to myself: 'I hope these people realize and know what they are doing. I hope they would think about the future, and not just hoping for a few dollars and free shirts and caps! This is my biggest fear. We need to go for a change for the sake of our children. We are easily bought by a few dollars!'