Thursday, July 12, 2012

Visit To Johor

I was informed that there are some 50,000 Ibans live in Johor. I had an opportunity to speak to quite a number of them in a seminar, young and old alike. It was to my dismay hearing parents communicating to children in Bahasa Melayu. What has happened? It is not that we are against BM, but Iban children must be given the chance to use, communicate, learn and speak their own language (Iban). BM or English, for that matter, are taught in schools. My fear is that in years to come, these children will never be able to converse in Iban, and when that happens, it would be a sad scenario. Come on parents, communicate with your children in Iban, give them chance and they deserve it!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mujizat Terjadi Di Merakai

One old man, unable to talk for almost three years, finally opened his mouth and talked clearly,  saying "Halleluya", "Terima kasih Jesus' and "I love you" to his wife. It happened when we visited the kampong with Ps Hotben who had come all the way from Jakarta. Hotben and I led the Praise and Worship that night. The songs were new to some people but very anointed! Hotben shared the world of God, and ministered to the needs of the people there. Praise the Lord for the miracles!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shalom Aleichem

Last Sunday, I taught the members to greet one another with this greeting: 'Shalom Aleichem', and the response is: 'Aleichem shalom'. Just imagine when the Shalom of Jesus is with you!

When we think of the word 'Shalom', we think of the word 'peace'. To the world, the word 'peace' means the absence of conflict, wars etc. But when Jesus used the word in John 14:27, He didn't use the word 'peace'; He used the word 'shalom'. The meaning of the word 'shalom' encompasses everything. It means wholeness, prosperity, health, blessing ... you name it! It means much more than the absence of war or conflict.

So greeting one another with 'Shalom Aleichem'
The Jews when they went to the war knowing that Yahweh was with them, they always won! When the shalom of Yahweh is with you, you can expect and experience success in life, and also reigning in life.

Shalom Aleichem!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Helpless dog

Mildred and I were out buying something last night when we saw a dog lying helplessly on the road. It had probably ran over by a car. It was struggling to move out of the way but to no avail. Pity this poor dog. There are many stray dogs in Samarindah area; too many in fact.

It was rather late and hence, we just passed by it.