Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was in the interior for a couple of days visiting my uncle who is 70+. I took time to go 'nyala' (fishing) with my relative Buyut, who happened to be free and expert in nyala.

As a kid I loved nyala. We would spent the whole day doing it. Those days there were plenty of ikan, unlike now. We loved it so much that we would forget about meals.

So Buyut and I set off for nyala. For the first time in years I saw ikan Kulong. I have never thought that I would be able to see ikan Kulong, because Lemanak river is so, so polluted from logging upstream. I enjoyed the nyala trip so much that we forgot about meal!

Buyut was so good at it and we caught plenty of ikan. It was like going back to my childhood days. I really treasure it.