Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love and Humility

I have learned from life that whatever we do, it must be done in love and humility.

Visit to Korea

We are (about 14 of us from St Helen's Serian) visiting Korea. It is a 10-day trip organized by Prof and Rev Jeung of Sacheon Presbyterian Church of Korea. Leaving on Fri 28 Oct and coming back on 7 Nov. At Incheon Airport we hope to be met by Rev. Paul Shin. Paul spent almost 20 years working as a pastor in Kuching and hence, he speaks good Iban, BM and English. After that Rev. Jeung himself will take us around in the bus that he will personally drive. Looking forward to the visit.

The team members are:

Rev. Trevor Tinda & Mrs Mildred Tinda
Mr Boniface Jirok & Lily Majang
Mr Thomas Bakit & Nancy Buyung
Mr William Abong & Evelyn Landing
Mr Estel Simpol & Julia Sigi
Mdm Nyuhen Linggon
Mdm Newrita Noria
Mdm Katherine Sumang
Mdm Catherine Runyan

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Old Man

This morning, my wife went to BDC for a bite. Mildred ordered a bowl of laksa (which looked nice). I took the opportunity to talk to the old man who cooked the laksa. He was quite friendly and we were able to strike a good conversation. He was telling me about his life as a young man; about his children; and how he had to work hard to survive and feed his family. His talked about his involvement in buying shares, only to be cheated by some bad big shots. Pity him. He talked about his heart ballooning done at Normah. He is 81 years old, still selling laksa at BDC.

There are plenty of things to learn from him. I enjoyed the conversation.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Praise and Worship

We have started to use Praise and Worship in our 8.00 am service. I feel that me as a priest should lead the way for others to follow. I am serious in doing this cos I would want to see people enjoying the presence of God. The very presence of God is what we seek. We are not satisfied with having just His protection without His presence. Indeed, we are highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I am Going to Vote

Dear Friends,
This time I am going to vote in the hope that there are going to be changes in the political realm for Sarawak. This is the time to be doing something. We are sick and tired of status quo, not having the power to make changes. I am going to vote in Lemanak. Both Nicholas Bawin and Malcom Musen are my good friends. Personality wise, they are both good and reliable. I have my personal preference of course.
Tanam bubu ridan, bulih ikan masin
Ambi duit Barisan, unid Nicholas Bawin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Election 2011

This morning I was driving along Kuching-Serian road. Upon reaching Siburan, I saw a huge crowd with many colours. It turned out to be BN, SNAP & PKR supporters, rallying behind their candidates for the election. They were given free T-shirts and caps. I was thinking to myself: 'I hope these people realize and know what they are doing. I hope they would think about the future, and not just hoping for a few dollars and free shirts and caps! This is my biggest fear. We need to go for a change for the sake of our children. We are easily bought by a few dollars!'

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was in the interior for a couple of days visiting my uncle who is 70+. I took time to go 'nyala' (fishing) with my relative Buyut, who happened to be free and expert in nyala.

As a kid I loved nyala. We would spent the whole day doing it. Those days there were plenty of ikan, unlike now. We loved it so much that we would forget about meals.

So Buyut and I set off for nyala. For the first time in years I saw ikan Kulong. I have never thought that I would be able to see ikan Kulong, because Lemanak river is so, so polluted from logging upstream. I enjoyed the nyala trip so much that we forgot about meal!

Buyut was so good at it and we caught plenty of ikan. It was like going back to my childhood days. I really treasure it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glory - God's best cat

Glory - God's best cat passed away yesterday morning. We found her lying dead on the road near our house at 100, Samarax Garden. We had her for some 7 years. One afternoon, as I walked out of the vicarage of St. Faith, I found a white coloured stray cat near the main gate. Seeing her, I quickly ran forward. I found one little Siamese stray cat, and to my surprise it turned out to be unique; it was the eyes: one side blue and other side yellow! I quickly to her home, and from that moment onwards (until yesterday morning), it had been part of the family.

All the kids' names start we 'G', so we had to think of a name that starts with 'G'. So, it was eventually called 'Glory'. (Our cat before this was called 'Ginger'). Glory bore babies once, after that we had her operated. After the operation, her mood suddenly changed. Glory was not the same; not the cat friendly cat that she used to be. She was quite unfriendly and could not tolerate other cats and also us. She prefers to be alone. When it was time to move out of St. Faith to our present house, Glory along with other animals moved with us. Since then, many more stray cats have joined our family. Perhaps this was one of the reasons Glory could not tolerate. It was a bit too much for her. So yesterday, it was so sad, when Glenn and Mildred reported to me that they saw a dead cat lying on the road. Immediately, I went out to have a look. It was confirmed - Glory is dead!
Good-bye Glory. Jesus blesses you. See you in heaven.