Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bintulu Seminar

six of us from St Helen's Church set off for Bintulu on Friday 1st Oct 2010. Five of them traveled by car to Bintulu while I took the MasWings flight. The friday nite rally went well. The committee had expected some 30 to 40 people that night, but praise God, to their surprise, the church was full. I was addressing the crowd about overcoming difficulties in coming to God as we are. It was probably a new thing for them. But I was very direct and straight forward, not beating the bush!
The next day, I was invited to preach at the 7am English service by the priest in charge Rev. Jose Jol. I talked about the characteristics of the life of Abraham. His life is characterized by three things namely: Altar, Tent & Well. Everywhere he goes, Abraham has altar. Altar speaks of sacrifices, sanctification, self-denial. It is our attitude toward. Most of the sins we do these days can be traced to a single word of 'selfishness'. It reminds us of self-denial.
Tent - Abraham never lived in a permanent home. He lives in tent (something temporary). Life is like that, we are pilgrims and strangers in the world. It is our attitude toward change3. We need to change to flow with time.
Well - Abraham settles where there is water because water is life. Without water we cannot survive. We need the Holy Spirit. Dig your own well, don't borrow from others.

9.30am I ministed at the BM service, a small sized congregation but very hungry for God. Half of the people are of Toraja origin, from Sulawesi. They love praise & worship. I shared on topic of Three Judgments. Towards the end of the service we had anointing time. Many people went down under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It was a wonderful service.
In the afternoon, I rested and had a talk with the leader of BM service, Bro. Armysan. We talked about many things pertaining issues involving BM ministry. After that, I was invited to a dinner at Jeremy's place. I got to try many different dishes, especially the spicy Toraja chicken, very nice! It was time to say good-bye and off to airport. Armysan drove his car the fastest possible and I managed to catch the 8.15 pm flight eventually. It was an enjoyable and blessed trip. looking forward to coming again when the time permits and opportunity presents itself. To God be the glory! Amen.

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