Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glory - God's best cat

Glory - God's best cat passed away yesterday morning. We found her lying dead on the road near our house at 100, Samarax Garden. We had her for some 7 years. One afternoon, as I walked out of the vicarage of St. Faith, I found a white coloured stray cat near the main gate. Seeing her, I quickly ran forward. I found one little Siamese stray cat, and to my surprise it turned out to be unique; it was the eyes: one side blue and other side yellow! I quickly to her home, and from that moment onwards (until yesterday morning), it had been part of the family.

All the kids' names start we 'G', so we had to think of a name that starts with 'G'. So, it was eventually called 'Glory'. (Our cat before this was called 'Ginger'). Glory bore babies once, after that we had her operated. After the operation, her mood suddenly changed. Glory was not the same; not the cat friendly cat that she used to be. She was quite unfriendly and could not tolerate other cats and also us. She prefers to be alone. When it was time to move out of St. Faith to our present house, Glory along with other animals moved with us. Since then, many more stray cats have joined our family. Perhaps this was one of the reasons Glory could not tolerate. It was a bit too much for her. So yesterday, it was so sad, when Glenn and Mildred reported to me that they saw a dead cat lying on the road. Immediately, I went out to have a look. It was confirmed - Glory is dead!
Good-bye Glory. Jesus blesses you. See you in heaven.

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